• The tuition fee is 50 GBP per credit hour.
• The student pays a registration fee of 100 GBP when registering for the first time at International Suleiman University.
• The student pays 100 GBP sterling per semester as a registration fee for academic subjects.
Course = 3 credit hours
• Credit hour = 14 actual hours.

Starting from the second semester, if the student’s GPA is more than 2,00 students are allowed to register a maximum of 30 credit hours.

As a minimum, a student is allowed to register 12 credit hours each semester.

International Suleiman University staff and their families benefit from scholarships of 25% of the tuition fees for any program they enroll in, and the program director of the program may specify additional scholarships of up to 60% of the tuition fees.

They are also exempted from the university registration fee, which is paid once, and the semester registration fee, which is paid at the beginning of each new semester.

Prof. Dr. Mussab Al-Jamal sponsors partial scholarships of up to 75% in some study programs for students from developing countries, and an application for a partial scholarship is submitted through the email scholarship@isu.edu.eu. In order to evaluate the status of the student and grant him the scholarship on this basis.

International Suleiman University offers full scholarships to study within the academic programs in the available colleges. These scholarships are usually at different times annually, as the scholarships and how to register for them are announced. The people who are active from the university and who follow its virtual platforms are the people most fortunate to benefit from these scholarships.

The possibility of installments is available for credits fees only, whereby the student can pay the fees in installments without any interest, but he cannot take the final exam before paying the full fees for the credits for which he registered.

Term registration fee of £100, which is paid by the student at the beginning of each semester, there is no possibility to pay it in instalments.

Tuition fees are paid by bank transfer to the university account. After submitting the registration application and obtaining the initial acceptance letter, which includes the university bank account details and the payment plan set by the Student Affairs and Registration Unit.