Volunteer Work

International Suleiman University works on the premise of ascending to the top in education, science and culture for all peoples. The university also seeks to provide scholarships for students of war and crisis countries. Therefore, the university provides the possibility of volunteering for all people wishing to provide their services via the Internet. The university also provides several advantages and rewards for volunteers. .


Benefits and Rewards

International Suleiman University is keen to work within the principle of providing service by service as it provides all the necessary resources for volunteer researchers to excel in their scientific life (free subscription to the university library - publishing scientific research in the university's refereed journal - giving them the opportunity to participate in conferences launched by the university for free) as well They can be paid material rewards for some work.



International Suleiman University does not oblige volunteers to fixed working hours, as it allows programs to work virtually through the university's platforms.


Nature of Volunteer Work

International Suleiman University provides volunteer work opportunities in various fields, such as supervising student forums, organizing virtual conferences, and working within the various resources provided by the university to students and faculty members.

Volunteering with ISU