International Suleiman University has adopted the approach of scientific distinction and mastery of academic work by searching for advanced methods that elevate the student and the professor together in all stages and degrees of study. Also, the labor market is one of the trends that the university is working on for two reasons. The first reason lies in developing work to cover market requirements with high quality, and the second reason lies in improving the human being who seeks to have an interactive presence in his society through his presence in the labor market and he is scientifically qualified. And academically to cover his place and to maintain his essential role in the process of continuous development and upgrading, all of which is evident in the scientific programs launched by the university through its initiatives to reach these lofty goals.

Multiple initiatives

The initiatives launched by International Suleiman University are many and varied, including scientific initiatives through programs designed at the university itself through distinguished experts who work diligently and diligently to reach these programs that are launched through the university, which aim to absorb the market and accommodate the desires of students, researchers, and everyone who It seeks excellence and diligence in order to create an interactive environment that gives distinguished results through those seeking excellence and diligence.

The subject of initiatives is not limited to students and researchers, but rather extends to all distinguished people of different nationalities, languages and countries in which they live. From the foregoing, the importance of initiatives and their effective role in developing the human being seeking science and development becomes clear.

International credits that everyone is looking for

Our university is accredited by reputable international accreditation bodies around the world such as ASIC in UK and IACBE in the USA.

Scientific disciplines awaiting the labor market

The specializations offered meet the desire of the student and the needs of the labor market

Long and varied scientific experiences

Our scientific cadres are highly specialized and well-versed in diverse cultures

Distinguished curricula

Our curricula are designed according to international standards

Integrated interactive environment

Our educational environment creates a positive, mutual relationship between the student and the professor

Solid scientific certificates

Our certificates are scientific degrees that have their sobriety and strength

The highest quality of teaching and learning

The university has achieved all quality standards in accordance with international standards

Active Initiatives


International Sulaiman University initiative to support international students


The initiative to employ job experience in scientific research


Evaluation and Equivalency Initiative at International Suleiman University


The initiative to qualify academic cadres to deal with learning systems


Researchers Support Initiative


Support Program Provided by Humanitarian Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different initiatives?

Yes, ISU has launched initiatives for bachelor’s and master’s studies, evaluation and equivalency, and a specialized team from the university is working to design distinct initiatives that benefit students and their communities.

How can I apply for registration on various types of initiatives?

In each initiative, there is a guide explaining the mechanism for applying to it.

What are the admission criteria for various types of initiatives?

The criteria differ according to the initiative, as each initiative, according to its classification, requires different criteria than the other initiative, for example:
Admission criteria vary by initiative
Admission criteria for the Employment Experience in Scientific Research initiative include that the applicant has more than 10 years of work experience and holds a university qualification.
Admission Criteria for SSPISU The student must be eligible for undergraduate study.

What kind of support is provided to students during their studies?

The university provides appropriate support for students to start their studies by enabling the student to enter the university platforms and receive audio, video and written lessons, in addition to enabling him to enter the university forums to ask questions and receive answers, and there are different types of support on the university’s learning management system ISU_LMS being developed Continuously by the Department of Information Technology and Distance Learning at the University.

Is there a specific time frame that I must adhere to in order to complete my studies?

Yes, the duration of the study varies according to the type of initiative. The SSPISU International Student Support Initiative for undergraduate students has a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years.
An initiative to employ job experience in scientific research for master’s students, with a duration of study of one year as a minimum and two years as a maximum.

Do the professors obtain an experience certificate proving that they have been trained in the program?

Yes, professors obtain experience certificates that prove the teaching period and qualify them for promotion according to the program followed in our university.

What is the duration of the proposed initiatives?

The initiative does not have a specific period and is constantly renewed.

Can I study via mobile phone?

Yes, the university’s learning management systems support mobile phones.

Are the lessons given in Arabic?

Yes, the university offers programs in three languages (Arabic – English – Turkish).

How do you communicate with students?

Communication with students takes place via the e-mail that the university gives them. Therefore, the e-mail must be kept and used only for matters related to the university. Spam e-mails must be continuously monitored in the event that messages received from the university are transferred to it.

Is the study free?

Yes, the study is free, the student only pays for exam services.

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